Pinsel vor verschwommener Leinwand


The result will be an EU-wide model for social space oriented, cultural education with disadvantaged young people, combining individual competence development and resilience building focused on inclusion and social cohesion, with strategies for capacity building, training measures and recommendations for politics. The project will not only advocate more recognition of youth work, culture and art, but also foster a public discourse on these topics.

Manual for creative partnerships for social space oriented, cultural youth education

The manual will describe how art and culture in the district can be used to design attractive and effective learning and participation opportunities for young people, provide information on the establishment and functioning of creative partnerships and provide didactic and methodological resources. In addition, it will offer a discussion forum on art and culture in youth education.

Catalogue of social space oriented scenarios for the participation, encounter and empowerment of disadvantaged young people through art and culture

Using concrete examples from various art forms – from visual arts (painting, sculpture, architecture) to performing arts (theatre, music, dance) and media art – the scenarios will describe how artistic expression can be used as an instrument to foster the participation, commitment and resilience of disadvantaged young people.

Training modules for youth and creative professionals

Social transformation processes are not only about the competences of the young people themselves, but also about the competences of the mediator level (youth work, creatives, communes). Training topics will thus include the design of artistic-productive learning processes, social space orientation in youth work and “taking possession” of public space, inclusion and diversity.

White Paper on the Future of Cultural Youth Education

The paper will illustrate conclusions, action proposals and recommendations from the project on non-formal educational work in the district and on the role of creativity and art for more participation and commitment of disadvantaged young people.