As part of the Erasmus+ project “Your Space”, our project partner Outreach is organising an edutainment event for music-loving young people from the Berlin-wide Outreach network from 29 to 30 July 2023.

At the Sample Music Festival, young talents will have the opportunity to gather skills, knowledge and inspiration, take part in workshops, network and demonstrate their skills on stage.

With this project, we want to initiate a joint and district-wide format that offers aspiring young talents an attractive platform for expression and opportunities to develop musically.

Premiere of the participatory video (June 2023)

Fundación MUSOL is thrilled to announce that on 16th June, the long-awaited premiere of the participatory video took place. This event marked the culmination of six months of dedicated effort and collaboration with the NGO Integra2 Mundo, students and educators of the PAC (Shared Classroom Program) at the Díaz Labour Insertion Day Care Center.

The premiere of the participatory video produced in the framework of the project YourSpace culminated with the graduation of the PAC students and represented a great occasion to showcase the journey undertaken together, strating with the mapping of the district and the identification of challenges faced by the youth in their living environments. From there, the young people successfully progressed together: from an initial attempt to film and photograph, to the creation of local narratives emerged from everyday challenges and difficulties experience in their district “613 Viviendas.” The participatory offer culminated with the production of a video presented tot he public in a premiere.

The event was attended by the charachters represented in the video, and by everyone who contributed to it, including educators, staff members from the Diaz Pintado Center, friends and families. Ezequiel enriched the artistic dimension of the event with a performance with the “cajón flamenco”. The event was concluded by an open mic activity offering a stage for creativity to the local youth and enabling them to access a diverse and broad audience.

The “Your Space” project offered for the opportunity to bring art and creativity to the young people of the district of 613 Viviendas, boosted their sense of belonging to their communities and empowered them to unlock through art and culture their potentials and develop competences to counter difficulties and challenges.”

Public event in Warsaw in June 2023

On June 6, 2023 “Your Space – Art and culture as door opener for enhanced social inclusion of disadvantaged young people” was held at the Rembertów Community Center in Warsaw. In cooperation between the Center for Civic Education Foundation and the Youth Education Center No. 2, five participants successfully completed the project and presented their achievements. The audience saw a film, which was created for months at the MOW, telling about the « Your Space » of the individual participants and about their dreams, plans and upcoming actions. An additional component of the event was an exhibition of the girls’ artistic works, along with a selection of recorded videos documenting the stages of participation in the project.

To get a few impressions of it, please click here.


The kick-off served to discuss the organisational and financial aspects of the project and took place online. After the welcome and a short introduction by BGZ, budget and financing were discussed. Afterwards, all partners introduced themselves and described their fields of activity. BGZ presented a project management plan and additionally explained the communication guidelines in the project.


The meeting took place in Burjassot, Valencia.

The project meeting was planned in such a way that on the first day there was an overlap with the BGZ project Access, which also pursues similar goals in the area of youth as the Your Space project. This allowed the project partners to learn from the already advanced Access project and gain valuable insights.

During the meeting, the partnerships formulated first ideas for actions with topics that are both relevant to the local situation and have a high transferability potential.

  • Warsaw: Sound and visual arts in the digital age. With photo and video artists, the young people test how they can define themes that are important to them, formulate a message, translate it into a presentation and show it in the district.
  • Valencia: Multidisciplinary art installations as an expression of the cultural richness of the place. Theatre meets computer games, musical tradition meets modern urban dance. Young people use art as an experiment to find out where they feel comfortable, where and how they can get involved in the neighbourhood.
  • Berlin: Urban art (graffiti, sculpture, photography). Artists and young people “survey” their neighbourhood, develop scenarios to project their artistic ideas onto the place and become active in planning.